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Comfortable fit, breathable material, strong seams and most importantly fully washing resistant print. How did we achieve that? Lots of hard work, listening to customers’ needs and a dose of passion. Our clothes are designed for people who want to express themselves in their own way - sounds familiar, right? We pay attention to every detail. We control the quality at every production stage. You are just a few clicks away from full satisfaction. Join Urban Patrol people, who never compromise when it comes to clothing. Will you dare?


Odporność ubrań Urban Patrol


Prints are the most important thing about our clothes. Vivid colors, clear details, and perfect finishing. No weird spots or white stripes. It’s also hypoallergenic and impalpable on fabric. We use the technology of pigment’s nanoparticles sublimation. To be honest – we don’t know how it actually works, but it works just perfect. And what are the profits? Full wash fastness and resistance to fading. Without compromise. We guarantee that!


The fabric is the base so it must be the best. And the best is one that is not only durable but also gives you the maximum comfort every time you wear our product. So it must – regardless of the conditions – keep your skin dry and at an optimal temperature. And that’s exactly what it does! Also, it protects you from rain or wind and your skin can breathe freely. All of this for your comfort. And by the satisfaction of our consumers, we see that’s worth it!


Satisfaction doesn’t come out of nowhere. That's why we use flat quad seam, which strength is in a class of its own. The thread we use is resistant to abrasion, damage, wear, stress and so on, and so on. The seam is simply indestructible. And what comes with its flatness? Full comfort, no chafing, and great fit. The set you need.


The devil is in the details – and so is quality. That is why pay such great attention to them. An uncomfortable label is replaced with integrated patch, which you won’t even feel. We inspect each product, paying the exact attention to every single aspect. As you can see – there is nothing to worry about. We take care of everything.



Flexible fabric that adapts to the shape of the head without losing any comfort. We made sure not only that the skin can breathe freely - this material is also resistant to stretching, so your beanie won’t lose shape. Full set!



7-14 days may be not enough. Not enough to swim across the Pacific. Not enough to get to Mars. But we manage to make perfect clothing in such time. In Urban Patrol there’s no place for mass production – so each product is hand-made on request. We control this process on its every stage to ensure you get a refined piece. That’s why you chose us – because you also value the perfect quality. We do everything for you to get your order asap because we want you to feel the satisfaction of wearing it asap.


We pay attention to every detail – why would we forget about packaging? We use branded poly mailers which are not only very strong but also very handy due to the convenient carrying handle. The faster you get home, the sooner you try out clothes. Who wouldn’t be in a hurry, right? Packs are resistant to weather and trespassers – you can’t open it without leaving a mark. We really take care of your order, don’t we?


Every single piece in our store is produced entirely in EU. We also use high-quality European fabrics. We work together with local companies supporting small businesses. You also need to know that we use standard European sizes.



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  • Resistance to stretching and other damage in one product. Fabric tailored specifically to your needs. Thanks to it our fullprint bags are really unique. Its production is in 100% European - and this is a guarantee of the highest quality.